Enabling softupdates on the root filesystem without console access

I found myself needing to enable softupdates on the root filesystem of a FreeBSD machine where I didn't have console access. As this is a little tricky I wrote a small RC script that I am now sharing here.

The script is located here.

To install it run this sequence of commands as root:

cd /etc/rc.d
fetch http://borderworlds.dk/blog/softdep
chmod +x softdep
shutdown -r now

Your system will then reboot. When it runs the script it will enable softupdates and reboot once more. After that it should come up normally. Afterwards you can remove the script (Although it doesn't hurt to leave it there)

I take no responsibility if it eats your cat or sets your machine on fire. It worked for me on the two machines I tried it on.

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