Welcome to The Border Worlds.

These are my personal pages. I put stuff here primarily for my own convenience but on occasion also stuff that could be helpful to others.

The name 'The Border Worlds' is actually the name of the BBS I used to run in the old days when Fidonet was still around.

Links (English)

These links are here primarily because bookmarks suck.

Utilities - A small collection of utilities, I have written.
My Curriculum Vitae - (CV in danish)
The register - Biting the hand that feeds IT
google.com - The best search engine around.
CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.
Modern Perl - Read the book.
Netcraft - What's that site running.
Home of apache
Home of mod_perl
Home of nginx
PSGI/Plack - Superglue interface between perl web application frameworks and web servers
Starlet - a simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server
World Wide Web consortium - Contains a huge amount of useful information about web technologies
Ogg Vorbis - who needs mp3?
Ascii art
Whois for toplevel domains
FreeBSD.org - The power to serve
FreshPorts - The Place For Ports
Hest design - Simply the Hest!
Journaling Versus Soft Updates - Synchronous Meta-data Protection in File Systems
Let's Encrypt - a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit.
BSD for Linux users
Open Space Aarhus - the local hackerspace

IPv6 links

Links to IPv6 stuff.

Wikipedia article on IPv6
SixXS - One of the IPv6 tunnel brokers
Test your IPv6 connectivity.
The IPv4 address report
The IPv4 depletion site

Links (Danish)

These links are also here primarily because bookmarks suck.

QuickDNS - A free and easy to use DNS service
OSAA - Open Space Aarhus
pil.dk - Where I worked earlier
Telia Stofa - Where I worked earlier
Safeticket - Where I worked earlier
Fullstack Development - Where I work now
Stærk assistance ApS - puster liv i dine projekter
Ugenr.dk - Hvilken uge er det?

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