Curriculum Vitae for Christian F. Stærk

August 2016


1996-1999 Computer Science, University of Aarhus
Not completed

Working experience

2010- Software developer at Safeticket ApS
Still employed, partner since 2011
2007-2010 Software developer at Telia Stofa
2000-2007 System administrator and software developer at
1999-2000 Web developer at
Fired due to the employers financial problems

Voluntary work

2002-2004 Board member of Scene Event
2004-2010 Board member of Aarhus Unix User Group.
Chairman from 2007 - 2009.

Open source

2003-2012 FreeBSD contributor
Port maintainer of a number of programs in the FreeBSD ports collection.
2004-2009 mlmmj contributor
Have sent numerous patches and got commit access in 2006.

My background

I am 39 years old and have been studying computer science at the University of Aarhus for about three years.

In the time from september 1999 up to and including january 2000, I worked for Megamusic, Inc./MegaMusic Europe Aps where I was responsible for the development of as well as configuration and maintenance of the Linux server running the system. Part of the job was the implementation of the payment system delivered by Emprise ( All the server side scripting was done in Perl.

From april 2000 to february 2007 I worked as a developer at My primary occupation was development and maintenance of advanced web applications, all running on unix. The technologies used were primarily Perl and PHP utilizing different database backends. During the last year there I worked almost exclusively on the companys payment solution called While working on this I gained substantial knowledge about the protocols used in communication with PBS, WorldPay and a number of home bank systems. Furthermore I was in charge of implementing the then recent security requirements from VISA.

From march 2007 to july 2010 I worked as a developer at Telia Stofa. I worked on a number of internal systems that ran the internet platform as well as the platform for digital TV. Furthermore I worked on the support systems used by a lot of the other employees for support, customer care and diagnostic purposes. These systems were generally built on Linux using PHP or Perl combined with mySQL or PostgreSQL with a web based front end with varying amounts of javascript. Since the launch of the Video On Demand platform I was deeply involved in the integration of the backend that handled all its data, including integration with systems at the content delivery partners.

In july 2010 I started as a developer at Safeticket ApS. My job was to build a new platform from scratch that could be the basis for the ticketing system going forward. The platform is based on FreeBSD, PostgreSQL, Perl and nginx. Tickets are mainly sold online using card payments but there is also support for selling them through a backoffice function as well as having a thermal printer print tickets as they are sold. Since Safeticket is a small company I also handle maintenance of the servers. Since january 2011 I have been a partner in the company. During my time as part of the project we have aggressively developed the system and it is quite possible that we now have the most flexible ticketing system on the market.

About me

I am a perfectionist and feels a strong urge to solve problems in the right way the first time around. I am however quite good at pushing my perfectionism into the background when things need to move along and get done quickly. I prefer sharp priorities and will not hold back on telling when the plans are unrealistic or there will be troubling consequences as a result of bad decisions. I work faster than average and the result is of higher quality. I easily grasp both the big picture as well as the smallest details of the project I am working on.

I have a good amount of background knowledge from my time at the university. Apart from that I am primarily self taught. I learn about new stuff on an ongoing basis that are either relevant or that I find interesting. My viewpoint is that you have to learn continuously in order not to be left behind.

My experience covers (the list is not exhaustive):

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