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Like everyone else these days I need to have a blog where I can write about boring and generally uninteresting stuff.

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Configuring IPv6 on FreeBSD 9.0

22 Jan 2012

As long as I have been using IPv6 on FreeBSD (Since FreeBSD 4.x i think) IPv6 has basically been configured the same way in rc.conf. I usually either configure my systems with a static address or use stateless autoconfiguration.

Taking a look at Convergence

13 Nov 2011

Convergence is a secure replacement for the Certificate Authority System. It verifies certificates on web sites based on what notaries located around the Internet observe without any need for centralized validation.

IPv6 enabled web crawlers

06 Feb 2011

For a while now I have been wondering if Google, Bing, e.t.c. have crawlers that are IPv6 enabled. I'm fairly certain that they won't try to access dual stacked sites using IPv6 but that doesn't neccesarily mean that they are incapable of indexing IPv6 only sites.

New job

01 Jul 2010

As of today, I will be working at Safeticket ApS. I will be writing code as usual for the most part.

IPv6 related Firefox add-ons

05 Apr 2010

Having IPv6 connectivity I found that I would like to both use it more and also know if the websites I visit are IPv6 enabled. I found two add-ons that helps me do both.

Enabling softupdates on the root filesystem without console access

29 Apr 2009

I found myself needing to enable softupdates on the root filesystem of a FreeBSD machine where I didn't have console access. As this is a little tricky I wrote a small RC script that I am now sharing here.

A simple stream proxy

28 Nov 2008

Occasionally I have the chance to use the nice big loudspeakers at the office without anyone being bothered. I have a premium account for my favourite net radio station but have no desire to expose my credentials by placing my playlist on the Windows XP machine to which the loudspeakers are connected. So I wrote a small stream proxy to work around that small problem.

Getting true fullscreen in Firefox 3

04 Oct 2008

Firefox 3 has improved fullscreen mode to the point where it is almost fullscreen. All that remains is the toolbar and tabbar at the top being hidden away and ready to appear when you move your mouse to the top of the screen. Unfortunately this takes up 5 pixels of the screen height and I was looking for a way to get rid of that too to really use the entire screen.

Restoring the display on Dell Latitude D610

27 Oct 2007

I have a Dell Latitude D610 at work. I don't use its own display very often but when I happen to do it is a bit annoying that the display does not turn on after the lid has been closed. When I tried to search for a solution I found a number of fixes for Linux but none for FreeBSD.

Xinerama on Dell Latitude D610

28 Mar 2007

I have a Dell Latitude D610 to do my work related stuff on. At work I have two 20" LCD monitors, both with a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. It took quite a bit of experimenting to get Xinerama running, so I decided to share my configuration.

QEMU Clipboard synchronization

24 Feb 2007

A week ago I wrote that I hadn't been able to find any network clipboard applications that worked well in order to allow me to share the clipboard between the host and the QEMU guest OS. Yesterday I got a bright idea about how this can be done in a simple way with widely used and maintained tools.

Getting the QEMU USB tablet working with Linux as guest OS

18 Feb 2007

I found out that it wasn't actually that hard to get the emulated USB tablet working inside my SuSE Linux guest.

Integrating QEMU a bit with your desktop

17 Feb 2007

Presently you have to run QEMU with a slightly lower resolution than your real desktop or run it in full-screen mode to get a decent experience out of it. With a patch I have written and a few tricks it can work a bit better.

New job

11 Jan 2007

In the middle of November 2006 I contacted a recruitment agency about a job that looked interesting. Last week, 7 weeks later I got the job. Compared to my experience with the Google hiring process this was much more pleasant.

Trimming the FreeBSD base system

21 Oct 2006

The FreeBSD base system contains everything neccesary for a minimal functional operating system. However it contains a little more than that and since some of the developers started talking about importing OpenLDAP into base I have been thinking about a way to avoid installing that on my machines.

The Google Hiring Process

05 Oct 2006

Three months ago I received an email from a Google recruiter containing two job descriptions. She asked me whether they looked interesting to me. I answered that they did and entered the Google hiring process. The first part of it went well but the last month or so has been an experience I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Migration from ipfw to pf

13 Jul 2006

For too long I have had plans to take a look af pf(4) to figure out whether I liked it or not. Today I managed to build a working pf ruleset that was not only better than the old ipfw ruleset but much shorter as well. - My second soekris

04 Jun 2006

After several months I finally got around to the soekris I bought back in February. It is now taking care of all my mail reading needs and seems to run stable and reliable.

The blog is online

28 May 2006

Who would have believed it? I now have a blog. My plans for it is somewhat vague at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that I will find something to write about shortly.

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