RBL mail checker

This is a small script, intended to be run from your .forward file. It scans incoming mails and bounces them, if they turn out to have been through an open relay. Get it here.

FreeBSD base system cleanup script

This is a script that compares a world built with your make.conf to a standard world built without a make.conf and optionally removes any files not present in your custom world. It needs a working directory with 1 to 1.5 GB of free space. Get it here.

Simple stream proxy

This is a small proxy that reads a .pls file and passes on one of the streams inside it to another machine on the network. This is useful if you want to stream premium content to an untrusted machine without exposing your credentials to it. Get it here.

FreeBSD ISO to diskimage convert script

This script generates a disk image from a FreeBSD bootonly iso image. The generated script is well suited for being loaded by memdisk from the Syslinux package. If you have e.g. a USB memory stick with GRUB and want to be able to boot one or more versions of FreeBSD from it this script makes that very easy. Get it here.

FreeBSD fixup script for your fstab

This script modifies your fstab in order to mount filesystems via their labels instead of their device names. It works for me on at least FreeBSD 7.2 and 8.0. Use at your own risk.

For swap devices it is neccesary to label the device in order to recognize it later and that requires that swap is turned off briefly.

Get it here. It requires perl to run.

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